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Peter Drucker

The Drucker Society London

NEWSFEED: Drucker Society London's workshop programmes for young future leaders are being developed with Nottingham Business School (Nottingham Trent University), Westminster Business School (University of Westminster) and City University. These universities are preparing to integrate the Drucker for Future Leaders material into their curriculum, aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students to help them improve their self-management skills, understand their values and pursue their ambitions ... (more)

About Drucker Activities Forum

“It is management’s responsibility to make whatever is genuinely in the public good become the enterprise’s own self-interest.”

Peter Drucker, 1954 – The Practice of Management

The Drucker Society London is an affiliate of the Drucker Society Europe, dedicated to putting into action what we have learned from the work of Peter Drucker about management and leadership for the benefit of society as a whole.

We aim to inspire a shift in management culture that renews the role of enterprise towards a future aligned with societal purpose and true value.

The Society provides a membership hub for people who are enthusiastic about the possibility of regenerating the role of management and entrepreneurship as forces for good. Information and initiatives relating to Peter Drucker will be made available to next generation leaders as well as current management. The Society’s activities will be funded by sponsor, member and programme fees.

To create a strong foundation towards achieving its Purpose, the Drucker Society London will focus on delivering the Drucker Future Leaders Programme, a series of workshops to help develop young, unemployed people and students, in particular those from less advantaged backgrounds.

The Drucker Society London is a organisation of like-minded individuals informally based at the University of Westminster in London but not part of the University. Contact us at


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